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Destination Spatial (Qld)

What is the project?

Destination Spatial (Qld) is an industry body made up of representatives from foremost geospatial organisations. Its main purpose is “to increase the number of surveying and geospatial science professionals to advance a spatially-enabled workforce.” It does this by providing the opportunities, forums, resources, and direction, with focus for Queensland but also in alignment with initiatives in other jurisdictions. Destination Spatial (Qld), as a collaboration between government, industry, and education, is an important showcase of the results obtainable by creating a community to support our future professionals.

Who does it involve?

Appointed representatives of the Destination Spatial (Qld) committee provide input and direction to programs on behalf of their respective organisation. The Destination Spatial (Qld) committee is made up of industry representatives from SIBA/GITA, SSSI, Surveyors Board of Qld, Geography Teachers Association of Qld. University of Southern Qld, and Australian Institute of Mining Surveyors. Government representation is from the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, Department of Transport and Main Roads, and the Queensland Spatial Information Council. The project is strongly supported by The Surveyors Trust and the many volunteers from across the industry who assist at career day events.

What are the aims?

Destination Spatial (Qld) is aiming to continue education campaigns and increase industry recognition of ‘Surveying’ and Geospatial Science’.  Destination Spatial (Qld) is looking for significant and sustainable increases in the numbers of students undertaking surveying and geospatial science courses in Queensland tertiary institutions resulting in industry protection from skills shortages due to a robust workforce. The target audiences are primarily secondary students but also includes career advisors, teachers, tertiary students, mature age or upskilling students and parents.

What is the progress to date?

Destination Spatial (Qld) has developed a Geospatial Science brand with associated marketing material and release of the website including a generic email contact. Destination Spatial (Qld)  also entered into a license agreement with the Surveying Taskforce Inc. to utilise the “Surveying: A Life Without Limits” brand strategy and promotional materials.  Other marketing campaign activities include direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, search engine optimisation, Facebook campaigns, attendance at career promotion events, and hosting an annual geospatial competition for schools.

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